ZillaView is a simple Windows OpenGL program for the display of serial output data from the Zilla motor controllers. It makes real-time interpretation of the Zilla serial data stream intuitive (easier than reading a hex stream in your serial terminal at least!), while also logging the original data stream to file for post-trip analysis.

The original version was written when I received my Zilla controller, to assist in performance evaluation and trouble-shooting of our EV, and with the idea of one day developing it into a "glass dashboard".

Fast forward a couple years, and with the encouragement of some members of the EVDL, who I had previously sent the original version to, I have added a few customization features and made it publically available to interested Zilla users.

Download ZillaView: Version 0.4 (be sure to read the README.txt file)

If you find it useful (or find any bugs!), please let me know. With sufficient interest, I could probably be talked into developing this further (eg. improving the graphics, additional features, etc). Alternatively, if you find it useful enough to contribute a few bucks to the "Buy Claudio a carputer as motivation to make ZillaView more useful" fund, I won't complain :-)

BTW, if you're a hardware guru working on a BMS, and interested in partnering your battery/cell data output with ZillaView or something similar, please drop me an email.

Settings dialog

Main display screen